Dota 2 Heroes: Pangolier, Shadow Fiend, Kunkka, Jah’rakal & Pugna

Dota 2 Heroes: Pangolier, Shadow Fiend, Kunkka, Jah’rakal & Pugna

Do you know these Dota 2 Heroes: Pangolier, Shadow Fiend, Kunkka, Jah’rakal & Pugna? All the ten players have to control the ‘hero’ who has unique capabilities and different styles of praying. Players collect points when they successfully battle the opponent’s heroes.  If one team manages to destroy the ancient which is a large structure that is located on the opponents team base they become the winners.


The game has been praised for its rewarding game play on production quality and faithfulness to its predecessor despite lots of criticism about its complexity. Features of the game which include data providing, support of virtual reality and other achievements are updated now and then. All heroes start with experience level one where they keep advancing to the higher level. They are equipped with at least four capabilities which are used as the primarily fighting method.

Here are the main Dota 2 heroes;

  • Pangolier is a Melee agility hero who is aggressive in nature and is best played in positions where he can take advantage of an item from the player. The most iconic tool about Pangolier is his tricks with sword play and his mobility. He also has a shield crash which he uses to damage the enemies.
  • Shadow Fiend: this is a ranged agility hero who have the ability to damage and burst items at a distance. He releases offensive power whether it is physical or magical. He has many souls that enable him to release the captured souls in the burst which enable him to deal with enemies.
  • Kunkka: he is a strength hero made of powerful area of effect spells where his two most active spells are nukes. They can delay time and also disrupt the enemy making it easy to attack. He has a tidebringer sword that gives him the ability to attack a heavy cloud around him and ends up damaging them.
  • Jah’rakal the Troll warlord: he is also a ranged ability hero able to damage competitively at a very wide range. He can change his range to melee if situation warrants him to do so where he is able to attack from his position.
  • Pugna: this is a range intelligence hero whose spells enable her to have nuke and push abilities. Pugna has the ability to push and destroy buildings in order to reach the enemy. Pugna is also capable of reducing the enemies physical damage by slowing them and also reducing their magic

There are many characters in this game, those mentioned are just a few. If you choose to play this game you have a lot of heroes to choose from and make sure you enjoy destroying the enemy. If you are looking for a way to spend your free time Dota 2 is the way to go.

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