Dota 2 Subscription and In-Game Coach

Dota 2 Subscription and In-Game Coach

Dota 2 is a game that is absolutely free to play and all of the MOBA heroes can be accessed by new players from their very first day of play. The game maker, Valve, makes their money by selling in-game features such as HUD’s, announcers, cosmetics and so forth. By the time the tournaments come around, Battle Passes are also offered which add such things as challenges and fantasy leagues.

Participation in such events can be exchanged for hero skins and special effects. At least, that is the way things have always worked. This year, though, Valve is offering a different approach in their monetization efforts with what is now known as a Dota Plus Subscriptions.

Valve has labeled this new move the “evolution of the Battle Pass” and the charge will be $3.99 each month. This amount can be reduced by committing to a long term, which will also grant access to a plethora of challenges.

There will also be many micro-rewards available as well, all at your disposal. The new leveling system for heroes will allow you to show how good your skills are for a specific character. There will also be plenty of other ways to jack up your profile, however pointless they might appear on the surface. For instance, you will have access to Reward Shards for different progression branches. This in-game currency allows you to buy such things as cosmetics and more.

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