Improving Dota 2 For The Newcomer

Improving Dota 2 For The Newcomer

One thing most players fear most in a multiplayer game is the game’s “death by irrelevance”. However, that’s not something that’s likely to happen any time in the near future for Dota 2, especially since it is popular on an international level and able to be run on computers with some of the lowest specs, as far as gaming is concerned. Still, fans are prone to panic because of the player base decline. Because of this, many of the current players are crying out for a better new player experience.

As it now stands, new players begin with a simple tutorial, which is then followed by a string of Turbo matches, eventually leading right into a full multiplayer scenario. Valve received some credit already in creating a “half-speed” mode in the game for new players. The game, however, does not teach much in the way of drafting, in-game scenarios and item builds.

Just last month, a Plus Assistant was released, in hopes of becoming a fix for those who really have no idea what is going on. Unfortunately, it is not a free assistant, costing about $4 USD each month. Suggestions have poured in, asking that this Assistant be offered, for free, as part of the experience for the newcomer. It could greatly benefits new players in learning about itemization as well as selecting an appropriate hero.

Until a brand new tutorial comes along, however, here are some more suggestions Valve could bring about to make the transition a bit smoother for newbies.

It is a fact that many games put all new accounts in the same place, and new players do not get the option to say they would rather not be pooled with those who have 1500+ playing hours. While hours do not exactly equal skill indication – something a 10-hour newcomer wouldn’t know anyway – it does a good job of weeding some out. Still, instead of giving older players the option to opt out, newcomers should instead be given the chance to opt in. A newcomer-only pool would be the perfect placement until they reach a certain level.

It can be very frustrating to explain the definition of “gank” – a coordinated kill – to those new to the Dota 2 game. It is much easier said than done. I can sometimes be easier to just get into it, but during the first initial dozen times or so, it can still be tricky to learn. The same can be said for concepts such as creep blocking, stacking or warding.

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