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How To Install DOTA2 On Steam Without Downloading

The best way one can install Dota 2 without downloading is to simply copy it from any friend of yours who has it on his/her personal computer (PC). This can be done by trying to download the Dota 2 from

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Dota 2 Heroes: Pangolier, Shadow Fiend, Kunkka, Jah’rakal & Pugna

Do you know these Dota 2 Heroes: Pangolier, Shadow Fiend, Kunkka, Jah’rakal & Pugna? All the ten players have to control the ‘hero’ who has unique capabilities and different styles of praying. Players collect points when they successfully battle the

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Improving Dota 2 For The Newcomer

One thing most players fear most in a multiplayer game is the game’s “death by irrelevance”. However, that’s not something that’s likely to happen any time in the near future for Dota 2, especially since it is popular on an

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How to Play Dota 2 and be a PRO

If you have always dreamt of being a Dota 2 pro player then there are certain things that you need to take care of. Some of the professionals have played more than 6000 Dota 2 games, so a lot of

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Dota 2 Subscription and In-Game Coach

Dota 2 is a game that is absolutely free to play and all of the MOBA heroes can be accessed by new players from their very first day of play. The game maker, Valve, makes their money by selling in-game

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What is Dota Plus Assistant

Probably the most interesting new features is the Dota Plus Assistant, which is the equivalent to having a pro overlooking your entire game play, who just also happens to be obsessed with your stats. It can suggest specific heroes you

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Dota 2 Tournaments

The most competitive gaming is back on the market with a new tournament announcement which has started. Many of the players have already registered and the live matches have started on the biggest teams of the season. Dota2 Tournaments 

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