What is Dota Plus Assistant

What is Dota Plus Assistant

Probably the most interesting new features is the Dota Plus Assistant, which is the equivalent to having a pro overlooking your entire game play, who just also happens to be obsessed with your stats. It can suggest specific heroes you should pick in the draft phase, and which items and abilities you should make a priority.

If you are playing in real time that is great too, because it matches the games progress and makes recommendations according to how things are playing out. Those who subscribe will also gain access to rich analytics in the post game time frame as well as stats that offer the player a look into the trends world wide.

Valve has been taking notes from such sites as the community run Dotabuff, and possibly tools of the third party nature as well that have in times past, helped with hero lineup. If you are looking for an inside peek, YouTube has some videos that break things down further.

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